1. Certificationin Advance Excel – Fees 3,000/-

(Advance Excel – 1 Month – Certification Course in Advance Excel)

  1. Course Module
    • Advance Excel
  2. Eligibility
    • 10+/Graduate
  3. Total Duration
    • 1 Month
  4. Course Type
    • Job Support

Microsoft Excel isn’t just relevant for those in accounting or finance related roles. Excel is used in practically every industry, and if you possess the right skills, can open many doors for career growth.

Getting certified in the software can make you more efficient at your job and set you apart from other candidates. Here’s just a few of the benefits you can expect from gaining an Excel certification:

Secure a competitive edge

Microsoft Excel certification will set you apart from your peers and give you the competitive advantage during job interviews. It shows hiring managers that you have the desired qualifications to do the job.

Increase your salary

Research shows that certifications can increase starting salaries. According to an RHI survey, being Certified in Excel will earn you on average 12% more than your non-certified counterparts.

Advance your career

Earning the Microsoft Excel certification from Maa Shanti Skills demonstrates your initiative to improve your skills. Software is constantly changing and staying updated on the latest changes by earning your certificate gives you the confidence to succeed.

Recognized Worldwide

Microsoft Excel is a tool that is used throughout the world in various industries. The Microsoft Excel certification from Maa Shanti Skills is recognized throughout the world.